Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday Five

This weeks Friday Five is back to its traditional format of links to my favourite stories & articles of the week. 

  1. Inside Google's HQ - As the world's most important company in the internet age Google's story is fascinating one. In this excerpt from a book by Ken Auletta "Googled. The End of the World As We Know it" we learn a little about the men behind the company & the philosophy that drives them.
  2. The Michael Foot Story - This week saw the passing of Michael Foot former Labour Leader & one of the great parliamentarians of the 20th Century. What Michael Foot symbolises for me is the adherence to principle & political thought. In today's age of PR he was a genuine politician who sought the best for his constituents & country. He would, however, remain unelectable even today because as much as we hate the spin merchants at the heart of all major political parties we have long since accepted the idea of style over substance.
  3. Planet Football's new orbit - A Times article but for once not one from Simon Barnes, though he does have an excellent article himself in today's paper. This ones from Gabby Logan & she touches on the changing dynamic of sport & it's participants, which in this case are men.
  4. Manchester United not for sale? - Another of my favourite journalists Jim White delivers an excellent piece on the financial issues surrounding Manchester United and the rumoured take over attempt by Red Knights group.
  5. Geneva Motor Show - Link to a gallery of cars from the Geneva Motor Show.
 As usual I welcome any suggestions you may have via the comments section. 

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