Friday, 12 February 2010

Feature Reading

Something that will become a regular feature on Friday's is a link to the top stories, articles or video clips of the week. After a week of painstaking research I'll compile a list of my 5 favourite links. Now I know that this sounds like an arduous task but fortunately for all readers of this blog that's the level of dedication you can expect from me.

And while I love providing my expertise I'm hoping that people will get involved & post interesting/relevant links in the comments section.

  1. The first one is very apt as it pertains to the Winter Olympics, which starts today in Vancouver. It's an article by Simon Barnes of the The Times (UK). He's one of my favourite journalists & he can usually be relied to offer a distinctive take on any given subject.

    Brace yourself for fun & games, the Winter Olympics are here

  2. The unveiling of the England away kit took place this week in Paris by Kasabian. It's as bizarre as it sounds & was the subject of an excellent blog by Marina Hyde. There's one line in particular which is absolutely brilliant.

    Away the lads: put your shirt on another England own goal 

  3. As a big tennis fan I'm a regular visitor to Peter Bodo's Tennisworld. He's recent blog covers the Rafa v Roger rivalry. There's a lot of points I agree with & some I don't, but it's definitely worth a read if you follow tennis at all.

    Homeless Rafa

  4. Now just to prove I don't only read sports articles here's something completely different. With Valentines day around the corner this link may prove useful for the socially inept, which pretty much covers all men.

    Valentine's Day & Romance 

  5. Lastly I'll finish on a lighter note. It's a link to an article on the Hitler spoof videos from the film Downfall. They're pretty silly & have been done on so many subjects that they shouldn't be funny. But for some reason they just work.

    Just how many Hitler videos does the world need?

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