Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Five

A slight alteration on this weeks favourite links, which as you can see has been re-named Friday Five. As I've mentioned previously I'm a big music fan and as I haven't had the opportunity to do a music related entry so far, this weeks post will link to five favourite music videos.

  1. Paper Thin - I'll kick off with a link to my favourite band at the moment, In-Flight Safety. A Canadian indie rock band they have been around for several years but surprisingly have had only limited success. This track is called Paper Thin & is from their current album We Are An Empire, my dear.
  2. Time of the Assassins  - A song from Charlotte Gainsbourg latest album IRM. A mellow almost haunting song that really plays to the singers strength. The album was the result of a collaboration with Beck, with the American singer-songwriter producing & writing the majority of the songs.
  3. Gold Mine - The new song from Belgian (yes that's right I said Belgian) indie band Showstar. The song is in English & from the album Think Ringo. I've listened to a couple of songs from the album & it does have a noticeable Beatles/Brit Pop feel to it. From what I've heard so far this is one album that wil be on my list of definite purchases.
  4. Falling from the Sun - A real soulful mellow song that just has oodles of atmosphere. You could listen to this song all day & not get tired of it. From the album 'A Chorus of Storytellers'. 
  5. Too Late - I'll finish off with the latest song from Chelsea Lee & collaborators Trustfall. Just 18, Lee's incredibly mature voice will surprise & delight you at the same time. She's only  released a handful of tracks but I could have pretty much used anyone of them here. Lastly the video seems perfectly designed for the YouTube age.
I hope everyone enjoys the selection of songs in this post & I would love to hear your comments about them. This has been a real fun blog for me as I got to explore a lot of great music. The only difficulty was restricting it to five entries.

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