Friday, 19 February 2010

Feature Reading

Apologies for the late posting of this weeks Friday five though I promise it will be earlier next week. As always I welcome any link suggestions in the comments below.

  1. Windows Phone 7 - The new phone software from Microsoft has generated plenty of comment & surprisingly most of it has been very positive. This link is to a Cnet video review, which is breif but covers the basics of the new features. For anyone looking to purchase a new phone its worth a viewing.
  2. Champions League Positions - A good article from Martin Samuel covering the idea for a play off to decide the last Champions League position. Also talks about an interesting rule change that could be used for governing quick free kicks in football.
  3. Tiger Woods & the relaunching of a brand - The world finally caught glimpse of the world's most famous sport star today. As ever Simon Barnes has an eloquent take on the whole situation.
  4. Purist Wenger Shows His True Colours  - A good article from Football365's Philip Cornwall on the Arsenal v Porto tie.

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