Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Welcome to Underneath the Stars

Underneath the Stars is a new blog full of musings on subjects as diverse as cricket to indie music. It will attempt to balance a serious approach that hopefully offers a thought-provoking take on subjects as well as a lighter look at things. I want this blog to be fun & informative though I can't make any promises on either front. I am hoping this will be an interactive space & would love to receive your thoughts & feedback on anything posted here as well other material that you feel is relevant to this blog.

I'm sure the blog will evolve over time but from the off you can expect to find postings on
  • Sports subjects with particular emphasis on tennis, football (including the US variety), cricket & Formula 1. Though that last subject is dependent on not having to pay some sort of royalties to Bernie Ecclestone for each mention of Formula 1. 
  • TV programmes will feature prominently especially US TV shows. For some of my favourite shows I may even offer an episode by episode review. 
  • Music that I find interesting will also be present but maybe not to the extent of the previous two subjects. 
  • On odd occasions I may cover movie releases. I am a semi-regular cinema visitor but will only report on films that really impress me & generally not blockbuster releases. 
  • There will also be links to other pieces on the web that I find interesting.
  • From time to time I may touch on other subjects that I find topical or interest me outside of the quick list given above.
Some things that you can be sure not too find here are:
  • Personal anecdotes. My life may or may not be interesting but I don't think anyone wants to hear about it. (Ok I'll admit its boring)
  • Religion. Everyone has their own opinion on this subject but I find that more often than not these discussions dissolve into unpleasantness. Therefore I will keep this a religion free zone. 
  • Comment on 'reality TV' programming. I'm not a fan of reality TV & have never watched it so will stay clear of it.
I've referenced myself a few times in this first posting without offering any real details. That's mainly because I don't believe this blog is about me but the subjects themselves. However I know that the internet can be a faceless place & that people do want to know who they're taking the opinions/information from. Therefore for those that are interested in learning a little about me you will find some information, appropriately, in the About Me section. Hopefully that will satisfy any curiosity.

Lastly I would like to remind all those wanting to commentate to do so in a respectful manner. As an optimist I trust everyone will be well behaved & that there will be no need for moderation. However that does not mean that I will not remove anything that is offensive immediately.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this blog & look forward to receiving your feedback.

p.s Can anyone identify the origin for the blog title? It should be pretty easy to figure out in the age of Google (other search engines are available).

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